Helping in times of disaster is one of the best ways we are able to share the love of Christ. Often times our help can be more immediate than outside charities coming in and needing to set things up. We are here, we know the community, we speak the language, we understand the culture and we are familiar with the need first hand.

We are only able to provide in times of relief thanks to the generosity of outside donations. There is not any reserve funding at this time that is able to be set aside for such calamities.

Some examples of times when we were able to give aid. 


There is significant flooding nearly every year due to cyclone and monsoons cause the river to overflow. The infrastructure in the villages is mainly made up of clay huts and does not at all withstand these conditions. Homes quite literally dissolve and wash away. The government has started taking action when there are bad conditions to prevent so many fatalities and they will evacuate villages. Many people are left destitute when such disaster strike. They are entirely dependant on charity, in these times.

In the beginning of November 2011 we had mass floods in a local village, Ranigarathota. It is only half an hours drive from the city. The people lost everything.
We were able to distribute cooking pots.


Again in Ranigarathota there was a fire at the end of November. They were hit hard that month! We immediately give 20kgs of rice 3kgs of lentils salt and oil. Basics to get for survival. Then other agencies also came in to help.


New Years Eve 2012 in a tribal community sixteen men got alcohol poisoning from some homemade liquor. They left behind them wives and children unable to provide for themselves. Many of these young ones will likely join the children’s home next year, at school admissions time. Several of the these men were married to members of our congregating.

We were able to immediately provide one coffin. The other men were cremated in a mass Hindu ceremony.