A very thorough discipleship program to ensure that those going out into the villages to share the Good News do in fact fully understand the Gospel and are knowledgeable in accurate theology.

Training – Bible School

The Bible School is not currently running, as we are focusing on developing the current church plants and encouraging the new pastors in them.

When it is going, it is a one year program for a class of thirty students.

They spend one year studying the Bible. …

Every Graduate then goes out into a community and plants a church.

Currently the Bible School is not running as we are focusing on developing the current church plants and encouraging the new pastors in them.

Church Planting

Gradually each Bible School Grade will progress through several phases of ministry.

Pioneer Evangelists –

Evangelists –

Pastors –

The aim, is that eventually ever graduate will go out into a community and plants a church.

In 1970 there were twenty-two established churches. By the year 2012 there are now it has 150 churches planted in about 8 districts of Andhra Pradesh and many worship groups.

As doctrinally we do not feel that the Bible supports women teaching in the Church (based on 1 Cor and 1 Tim) this school is only open to men. Culturally this is likely less of an issue in India than in Western countries and it has been an issue to date.

That said we do support ? Bible Ladies evangelizing in many of the villages. These are widows who have dedicated their lives to sharing the Gospel.

Ongoing support

We do not leave these disciples out on their own. We continue to stay in touch with St. John’s as the home base. Rev. B. Ebenezer regularly visits each church plant for special events etc. Each board member has ten village church assigned to him which he will visit on a weekly basis. In this way there is a support, encouragement and prayer within our Christian community. Individual congregations are not abandoned to wander off into false teachers and to become disheartened in their faith. We have an excellent network at MM.

The majority of our pastors are sponsored so that they can dedicate themselves fully to their work without needing to pursue other means for financially maintaining their family.

About half a dozen remain unsponsored, at this time, though. It is a great disservice to their congregations as part time work outside work is difficult to attain, in rural villages, while properly up keeping full time pasturing responsibilities.