Is certainly the main aim of our ministry, with St. John’s Evangelical Church as our main base. We run outreach ministries actively throughout the year.

Ever since the foundation of the mission, the core and focal point is Evangelism. The perishing souls are to be saved. Soul winning is the mission harvest. At the beginning it was limited but now it is so vast the Gospel is resounding in villages, towns, cities and in many parts of Andhra Pradesh.

Annual Events:

Gospel Meetings

For three-four days in January we hold mass meetings in the city of Vijayawada. Generally averaging an attendance of 10 000 people each year with a couple of hundred coming to know the Lord.

From of January to of May a series of Gospel Meetings are conducted in 40 to 50 villages. In each place an average of 500 people. At the end of the meetings at least 10 to 50 people are saved. To God be the glory.

Every meeting is special in its preparations and arrangements. It gives a festive mood in the villages.

Pastors Seminar

Every November we hold a three day Pastor’s Conference. Apart from all the M.M. Pastors we invite some more independent evangelical pastors to join us. It is a time of good fellowship and teaching. It is a great spiritual encouragement to all those in attendance.

Youth Fest

Every year on the 2nd of October we conduct Mega Youth Evangelistic Retreat. This conference is having a dramatic impact on the young people in the our area. Young people attend from about 100 villages. In 2010 3000 youth came out and heard the Gospel. Praise God!

In each village we are able to see young people forming bible study groups, organizing youth campaigns for themselves. They are actively growing in their faith and become great disciples assisting the pastor/evangelist in the local church.