Our History

The Metropolitan Church Association missionaries initially came to India in 1903. They began evangelizing in Alhabad, near the Hindu Holy city of Varnassi. The home of the famous Ganges river.

The, M C A missionaries traveled to Southern India, to the province of Andra Predesh in 1936. They came South with a deliberated vision of reaching the un-reached people of this area and planting churches.

The work began with 12 men who came from North India and trained in the Bible. The field was ploughed and the Gospel seed was planted, in the Krishna District.

Rev. B. Sugnanam was among these twelve in 1940. His wife was also a Bible Lady. He passed away in 1960 of malaria all four of his children then went to go to a Christian Children’s Home. Rev. B Ebenezer, the second youngest, was only nine years old at the time.

When the missionaries were going to back to America they had to register a national mission. In 1959 so the Metropolitan Mission was established, in the city of Vijayawada, in by Rev. H. L. Harvey and Rev. Peetingel.

In 1967 Rev. B Ebenezer but Rev. T.D Fordham from Canada was a missionary and he and his wife took interest in this young man. They helped him go to school college and then onto Bible School. Upon graduating from Bible School Rev. Dr. B Ebenezer came to take up the work his late father had left behind.

In 1975 Rev Dr B Ebenezer came onto the scene. He really reestablished the Metropolitan Mission. And the mission has continued to flourish through God’s many blessings for the last

He married his wife Mary, in 1977.

The mission continued but only in a small capacity beginning as a pioneer pastor in the city of Vijayawada. There was initially no church in the city. He established St. John’s Evangelical Church.

During this time a board was established.

In 1988 started the Bible School/School of Evangelism and made director of Evangelism and project officer over MM at that time.

Started planting churches at this point and growing rapidly until about 1990 70-80 churches made Executive Director in 1990 because there was such a large organization now.

The mission has expanded greatly. Rev. Dr. B. Ebenezer’s two older sons are now also heavily involved in the work at MM.
MM has now been running over 50 years! And what a great testimony it is to the Lord’s provision!