Our Vision

Established in 1959 and registered in India with societies registration act Metropolitan Mission is an evangelical five-fold faith ministry, with its headquarters in Vijayawada.

It is a bit ironic that the majority of our work is not in metropolitan areas. We dedicated to reaching the rural villages of Andhra Pradesh, South India, with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, with special reference to planting churches in the unreached areas.

Our five main areas of focus include:

Evangelism – Community Outreach
Nurture – Children’s Home
Education – Primary School
Discipleship – Bible School
Our goal through these various ministries is to share the Good News of Christ throughout our region. Our aim is to spread the Gospel and to share the love of Jesus. We seek to care for children, as Christ called us to. To work to train up a group of believers, to continue to go out and to share the word. And in times of desperation and great need, to share the love of Christ.

It is our firm belief that in order to live an enlightened life as one touched by Christ’s Salvation is to follow his commands, in our actions. There is great spiritual need in our district. There is great physical need in our district. This five fold ministry is how our love for Christ manifests in our living sacrifice.

Join with us as a part of the family of the faithful and share our vision for being the hands of Christ.